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Sao Vicente, Madeira

Sao Vicente is one of Madeira's prettiest towns. Situated in a valley on the north of the island, with shops, cafes and bars looking out to sea. A picturesque stroll from the sea along a gentle stream takes you further inland to the main village with it's 1694 chapel built on the spot where St Vincent is claimed to have appeared. The Sao Vicente Chapel has a stunning location, on an outcrop of rock right in the middle of the seafront - it cannot be missed.

Sao Vicente, Madeira

Paul da Serra via Sao Vicente

If you're intending to explore the Paul da Serra, a popular walking / hiking destination, then Sao Vicente makes an ideal base. There are a number of popular walks to enjoy.

Sao Vicente Caves

The Caves in Sao Vicente, Madeira

These caves, the largest known cave system on Madeira Island, were discovered in 1885 and are estimated to be over 890,000 years old and were caused by volcanic eruptions. A guided tour is available lasting 30 minutes. You'll get the chance to explore the cave network and discover the subterrainean lakes. The route and caves are illuminated with atmospheric lighting. Adjacent to the caves in Sao Vicente is the Sao Vicente Volcanism Centre where you can learn more about the formation of the caves via audio visual shows, models and interactive exhibits. Further information can be obtained by visiting the official site of the caves

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