Flights to Madeira Portugal

Cheap flights to Madeira are abundant with the UK's top budget airlines competing on air fairs. Funchal airport recieves flights from UK airlines including easyJet, FlyBE, First Choice, Thomsonfly, Thomas Cook. Cheap flights are offered by most of these operators. Madeira is thereby directly connected to many of the UK's largest airports including Birmingham and East Midlands, Exeter, Gatwick, Glasgow, Heathrow, Leeds, Luton, Manchester - therefore making travel to Madeira within convenient reach for most of the UK's holidaymakers.

Funchal Airport

Funcal Airport Madeira is situated 18km east of Funchal on a rocky outcrop 59m above sea level and extends on stilts over the sea. The original runway was once infamously short and a challenge for even the most experienced pilot. However the runway has been rebuilt and extended to almost double it's length in 2000. The surround mountains and coastal location make the airport a stunning place to fly to and from as can be seen from the official website.

Flight Durations to Madeira

Manchester to Funchal - approximately 4 - 4 hours 15 minutes

Exeter to Funchal - approximately 3 hours 25 minutes

Birmingham to Funchal - approximately 3 hours 40 minutes

Bristol to Funchal - approximately 3 hours 25 minutes

Cardiff to Funchal - approximately 3 hours 20 minutes

Glasgow to Funchal - approximately 4 hours 05 minutes

London to Funchal - approximately 3 hours 50 minutes

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